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Thread: GRE-300(v-140, q-160,awa-3) suggest some universities

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    GRE-300(v-140, q-160,awa-3) suggest some universities

    i got 300 in gre(v-140, q-160, awa-3) , 84(r-20,l-17,s-26,w-21) in toefl.. my aggr is 76%. do i get in these following universities...
    1) oklahoma state universities
    2)mississippi state university
    3) suny buffalo
    4) UNCC
    5) UNT,denton
    i am in at total dilemma whether to retake gre or toefl.... please do say...

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    1) oklahoma state universities - mod
    2)mississippi state university - mod
    3) suny buffalo - amb
    4) UNCC -amb/mod
    5) UNT,denton - safe/mod

    About retaking GRE and TOEFL, it completely depends on you. If you feel you manage a significant preparation and bring a drastic change in your scores, you may well go ahead. Otherwise, your profile is decent enough for many universities.

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