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    Profile Evaluation (MS in EE)


    GRE : 311 ( 158Q,153V)
    TOEFL: 114
    Acads: 6.9/10 (Till 6th Sem) in EEE


    Secured First place in inter colll proj presentation in First Year
    Secured Third place in inter colll proj presentation in Third Year
    Attended one month training course in PLC and SCADA

    These are the Universities I have shortlisted :

    1.Arizona State University
    2.University of Illinois,Chicago
    3.University of Texas, Dallas
    4.University of Colorado, Boulder
    5.University of Cincinnati
    6.SUNY, Buffalo
    7.Clemson University
    8.Iowa State University
    9. Rochester Institute of Technology
    10.Syracuse University
    11.North Carolina State University
    12.University of Florida

    Im thinking of Control Systems in EE.
    If possible suggest some Universites not in the list.
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    1.Arizona State University - mod
    2.University of Illinois,Chicago - amb
    3.University of Texas, Dallas - mod/safe
    4.University of Colorado, Boulder - amb
    5.University of Cincinnati - amb
    6.SUNY, Buffalo - amb/mod
    7.Clemson University - amb/mod
    8.Iowa State University - amb
    9. Rochester Institute of Technology - mod
    10.Syracuse University - mod
    11.North Carolina State University - v.amb
    12.University of Florida - amb

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