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Thread: Gre-308|toefl-87|acad-82%|ms in cs

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    Gre-308|toefl-87|acad-82%|ms in cs

    1. Acads 82%
    2.Work Exp of 1 year and 6 months as of now from top IT industry under mainframe domain and I am interested in masters in programming

    3. Gre Breakup:- q-163 V 145 A 2.5

    what is the possibility for me in those below mentioned universities and suggest me safe,moderate and dream universities from those. also suggest some good university for my profile if you think of. thank you all in advance.

    universities are:

    University of Florida
    North Carolina State University
    SUNY Buffalo
    Virginia Tech
    Texas A&M College Station
    George Washington University
    University of South Florida
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    University of Illinois Chicago
    CSU Long Beach
    Poly NYU
    Clarkson University
    Illinois Institute of Technology
    SUNY Binghamton
    San Jose State University
    Northeastern University
    arizona state university

    do i selected correct universitites for my profile? awaitng for ur reply guys

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    University of Florida reject, ur awa is less, for any decent univ it need to be 3 or 3+
    North Carolina State University mod
    SUNY Buffalo safe
    Virginia Tech i dont know
    Texas A&M College Station ambi
    George Washington University dont know
    University of South Florida ambi
    Rochester Institute of Technology ambi
    University of Illinois Chicago ambi
    CSU Long Beach safe
    Poly NYU safe
    Clarkson University safe
    Illinois Institute of Technology admit
    SUNY Binghamton admit
    San Jose State University admit
    Northeastern University ambi but gettable
    arizona state university ambi

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    Hi..What do you think of my profile.. for MS in CS

    GRE: 317 (Quants: 157; Verbal: 160)
    AW: 4.5
    TOEFL: 113
    ACAD: 74% (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
    WORK EXP: 1yr as of now (24 Oct 2012)

    I intend to study MS in Computer Science or MS in Electrical Engineering focusing on Computer Engineering
    What chances do I have for the following universities:

    1. University of California - DAVIS

    2. Ohio State University

    3. University of Utah

    4. University of Massachusetts-Amherst

    6. University of Illinois Chicago

    Thank you.

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    I got 308 in GRE(V-150,Q-158) and TOEFL waiting fro the scores and i have 2 years of IT industry,want to apply for MS in computer science.
    Which all colleges i can get into from below list??

    2)Virginia common wealth
    3)University of texas at dallas

    Thanks in advance :-)

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