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Thread: Visa accepted for SUNY Buffalo on 6-Nov-2012 by INDIAN(May be US citizen)

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    Visa accepted for SUNY Buffalo on 6-Nov-2012 by INDIAN(May be US citizen)

    My OFC on 5th which is just Finger prints and Photo

    My Appointment time 8:30 AM
    Place : Hyderabad

    After the initial formalities I moved to waiting room with Token number.
    After my token number is announced I moved to the counter, to my wonder I have seen two Indians(One in the chair chit chatting with other one). I interrupted them to confirm whether he is the VO and to tell XX is my token number, they asked me to wait. After some time the one seated asked my documents then followed questions

    VO : What is the purpose of your travel?
    ME : I want to pursue MS in Electrical Engineering at University at Buffalo.

    VO : Why that university?
    ME : I am interested in Digital Electronics which helps me to know the Hardware better, since with my work experience I have knowledge on Middle ware and Application layer. Thus I will have knowledge on complete system.

    VO : Where are you working?
    ME : I am working in Sasken, which is Embedded communication company.

    VO : What is your Gre score?
    ME : I scored 1100 in my Gre sir

    VO : What is your Toefl score?
    ME : I scored 95 in Toefl

    VO : What about the finance?
    ME : My father is funding for my studies(Interrupted by VO)

    VO : The climate over there is very cold, are you ok with that?
    ME : Yes sir.

    VO : I am approving your VISA.. Enjoy..
    ME : Thank you sir.

    P S : In the doubt whether he the VO or not I was not yet all tensed and I acted myself, which favoured me a lot.
    All the best guys and be yourself .
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