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Thread: MS in CS from UTD with 4 prerequisites courses

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    MS in CS from UTD with 4 prerequisites courses

    I have got offer from University of Texas at Dallas. I have done my BE in ECE and I have around 3 yrs of Experience in Software Industry and I have applied for MS in CS. Due to my career change UTD have informed me to take 4 prerequisites courses. I have few questions about this.

    1) Will these 4 courses take time to complete and charge more for it. So it is better to drop it or take it. I have got offer from University of Alabama in Huntsville, Fairleigh Dickinson's University ($8000 scholarship) and Villanova University. When compared to that 4 prerequisite course, these universities are fine.
    2)Can change from CS to Computer Engineering (as my BE background is ECE) or MIS (with work experience) before 1st semester which might avoid few prerequisite. Or the change of course is only possible after 1st semester and I have to complete the prerequisite courses before 1st semester.

    Kindly reply to this thread.

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    Definitely they one extra semester to complete and another $10000. I would suggest u to opt for Fairleigh D.U .
    And many of my friends from UT dallas say that the pre req are not a worth

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