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    Major as vlsi prerana,from sreenidhi institute of science and technology.want to take up major in vlsi and minor in comp architecture or embedded systems. please evaluate my profile:
    toefl-yet to be taken,

    btech-85%, topper 89%

    undertaken many projects in robotics, two in embedded and one internship programme. member of ieee and some tech clubs.
    i am thinking of applying for 7 out of the the following colleges. please tell me if the univ are safe or risky or mod for me... i am afraid of not getting admitted into any one of them.

    1.colorado boulder
    2.arizona state univ
    3.univ of florida, gainesville
    univ of southern california
    5.univ of mass amherest
    6.auburn univ
    7.univ of texas dallas
    8.univ of houston main campus
    9.sanjose state univ

    or if you can suggest me any of the other univ, please tell them...i would be really thankful

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    1.colorado boulder - amb
    2.arizona state univ - mod/safe
    3.univ of florida, gainesville - amb/mod
    univ of southern california - amb
    5.univ of mass amherest - amb
    6.auburn univ -mod/safe
    7.univ of texas dallas - safe
    8.univ of houston main campus - safe/mod
    9.sanjose state univ - amb (min GRE 312 for ECE dept)

    Drop aubrn and colorado!

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