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Thread: FALL 2013, CS , GRE : 301 , TOEFL 90-100 , acad; 80%

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    FALL 2013, CS , GRE : 301 , TOEFL 90-100 , acad; 80%

    Need Help in Selecting Universities. :

    GRE : 301 (V-141 , Q-160, AWA -3.5)
    TOEFL :90 (not yet taken)
    acad : 80%

    Funding And Assistantships are major issues seeking .
    No place barrier. (Mostly Florida, WV, Virginia , Texas , Illinois)

    Please help in selecting the right universities and apply for them .

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    Bro., try to get a list of universities you would like to get into them. Then we can say Safe, Mob or Amb for those..

    I can suggest you universities like.,

    University of Texas, Arlington - Safe
    University of Alabama, Huntsville - Mod
    University of Illinois, Springfield - Safe
    University of South Florida - Above Mod
    Northeastern University, Massachusetts - Above Safe


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    University of New Mexico
    SUNY, Buffalo
    West Virginia
    Vill Nova
    Auburn University
    Kansas State University
    University of Alabama, Huntsville
    University of Kentucky
    University of Akron -
    SUNY, Binghamton
    IUPUI -
    Missouri Rolla -
    Oklahoma State University -
    University of Oklahoma
    Mississippi State University
    University of Houston, Main Campus
    University of Texas, Dallas
    University of Texas, Arlington -
    Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago -
    Florida State University
    University of Florida -
    Michigan Technological University

    Suggest me from these universities

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