I want to apply for MEM / MS IE for Fall 2013 for US.
GRE - 306 (Q-157; V-149; AWA-3.5)
IELTS - 7.5 ( L-8;R-8.5;S-6.5;W-7)
10th - 83.3%
12th - 87.3%
WORK EXP- Working in CTS as PA in Testing Domain from past july 2011 i,e 15 Months.

Project Experience:-
1. Corrosion and wear behaviour of heat treated β-titanium alloys for biomedical alloys (2nd year project)
2. Thermal Analysis Of a Heat Sink (3rd year project)
3. Behavior of a cylinder liner surface due to honing. (Final year project).

Industrial Experience:-
Manufacturing of a helical gears - placebo gears and transmissions, Hyderbad, 1 week.

LOR's from my Industrial engineering and OR professor , final year project Asst. Professor, another professor.

SOP, will try my best and hope i will write a decent one.

Things which i think will damage my chances.

1. No publications or active participation in events
2.Cleared 4 subjects(in 2, 3 rd sem) in supply and another 4(in 4, 5th sem) subjects by re-registrtion and got 80+ in all subjects after that.(Reason for this is, i am not confident on subject knowledge and so i intentionally want to register for the course again) All those subjects are not related to MS study.

Like to apply for Ambi-2, Mod-5, Safe-3.So, in your opinion can you please choose (A-2+1,M-5+1,S-3+1) universities and also please rate Ambi, Mod and safe for all and please recommend some deletions if any.

Here is my list of univ. this is my first list

And please recommend if any universities suit my profile and interests.

My area of interest for MS is IE, Management subjects( fin,acc, econ) and 1 or 2 Subjects from OR. Career goal is to work in operations role after MS and work for 5-6 years and then go for MBA in Finance or Marketing.

1.University of Southern California - MEM
2.University of California, Irvine - MEM
3.Arizona State University - Tempe - MS/ME IE
4.Texas A&M University - College Station - MS/ME IE
5.University of Notre Dame - STEEM

6.University of Florida - MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering(Engineering Management Option)
7.University of Arizona - MEM
8.University of Miami - MS IE
10.The George Washington University - MEM
11.Lehigh University - MS/ME Management Science & Engineering

12.Northeastern University - MEM
13.Syracuse University - MEM
14.New Jersey Institute of Technology - MEM
15.University of Oklahoma - Norman - MS Non-thesis Industrial Engineering (conc Engineering Management)
16.Missouri University of Science and Technology - MEM
17.Southern Methodist University - MEM
18.Oklahoma State University - MS in Industrail Engineering and Management
19.Rochester Institute of Technology (Gleason) - MEM
20.Georgia State University - MS in Managerial Sciences (Conc in Operations Management)

Sorry for the huge list. I have searched 260+ colleges in total and listed 120 colleges and then i came with this 20 college list and from past 2 days, cannt filter out any univ from this list as all those have same good course work and each college are similarly ranked.

Thank you