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Thread: Profile evaluation|Fall '13| MS in VLSI/Embedded|GRE-318 169Q 149V 3.5A|BE CGPA-8.2

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    Profile evaluation|Fall '13| MS in VLSI/Embedded|GRE-318 169Q 149V 3.5A|BE CGPA-8.2


    I am applying in Fall 2013 for MS in vlsi/embedded system.

    I graduated in 2012 with BE(Hons.) Electronics & Instrumentation from BITS Pilani GOA under BITS Pilani University.

    Overall CGPA - 8.2 and last 2yrs GPA -8.7.
    GRE score - 318 (169Q 149V 3.5A)
    Toefl - yet to give ..expecting 100+

    Two technical internships-
    1.5 mnths in Hical technologies , Bangalore
    6 months in Texas Instruments , Bangalore

    2 academic projects in field of embedded system

    Following are the colleges which i have shortlisted. Kindly evaluate as ambi/mod/safe.( list is in random order)

    University of Maryland--College Park (Clark)
    University of Southern California (Viterbi)
    University of Wisconsin--Madison
    University of Washington
    Ohio State University
    University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
    Texas A&M University--College Station (Look)
    North Carolina State University
    Arizona State University (Fulton)
    Virginia Tech
    University of Texas--Austin (Cockrell)
    University of California--San Diego (Jacobs)
    University of Pennsylvania
    University of Florida

    any other college suggestions are welcomed...


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    University of Maryland--College Park (Clark) - v.amb
    University of Southern California (Viterbi) - amb/mod
    University of Wisconsin--Madison - amb
    University of Washington - mod
    Ohio State University - amb
    University of Minnesota--Twin Cities - amb
    Texas A&M University--College Station (Look) - v.amb
    North Carolina State University - mod
    Arizona State University (Fulton) - safe
    Virginia Tech - v.amb
    University of Texas--Austin (Cockrell) - v.amb
    University of California--San Diego (Jacobs) - v.amb
    University of Pennsylvania - amb
    University of Florida - amb

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