I need help to decide where I can apply. I want to know if I actually have any chances at all. I am planning for MS in CS(Networking) and I have some relevant work experience.

GRE: Q-163 V-157 AW-waiting
TOEFL: Yet to
Experience: 2 yrs(by next fall) as a Software Developer
3 month Internship at IBM
Undergrad: 9.67/10(top)
10th: 93.92%
12th: 94.83%

Papers presented: Two papers presented at Recent Trends in Computing Technology (RTCT 2011) , RVCE, Bangalore

Additional Info: I have also been awarded scholarship by Infineon for topping my department for two years.

I am just listing a few and I am not sure if they are right, but here they are:
University of Texas, Austin(is it too tuff to get in??)
SUNY stony brook
Ohio state
University of Southern California
UC Santa Barbara

Please evaluate my profile and please suggest some more good universities that I can have some chances in. Would universities like Cornell, UM College park and CMU be too much to ask for??
Please do help. Thank you sooo much.

Thanks and Regards,