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    I got admission from California state university-sacremento and Oklahoma state univ-stillwater for Spring 2013 in computer science....

    But I dnt knw regarding the study facilities,scholorships available,living expenses,n job both the universities......Based on this suggest me Which univ I hav
    to select n start my visa process..which is bettr.

    Seniors pls suggst me regarding ths.....u r suggstns r valuable to me.

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    Hi Brahmani.

    In California, Master's in Computer Science will be very good! Among all the universities in US, Californian Universities are the best for CS! There will be many job opportunities! Cost of living in California(as west coast) is expensive when compared to other locations(Except east coast, where cost of living is much higher). Scholarships are based on your academics.
    Oklahoma State university is also a good university. Also it is ranked better than the CSUS by UsNews. Here cost of living will be less in comparatively to CSUS. You will definitely get good job opportunities as this university has good reputation among US universities. This OSU was founded in 1890, and campus size is very huge(1489 acres).

    My suggestion is to go with OSU, by considering its reputation, low cost of living, job opportunities. But if you concern more about your field of study, its better to go with CSUS.

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