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Thread: which colleges to apply

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    Question which colleges to apply

    i am applying for fall'13 for MS in embedded systems,please help me choose the universities,here is my profile

    GRE: quant 164 , verbal 145 , AWA 3
    ielts: expecting a score of 7
    engineering in electrical and electronics with an CGPA 6.5
    i have one an inustrial training an a project in a public sector electronics company
    i have also worked in a technical club n worke as a board member for a national level electronics club in our college
    currently i am working on a TEXAS INSTRUMENTS project(its kind of a competiotion wer ey giv the components and patents will remain with the company), and it is on a device for visually impaired people.
    and i am planning to do my 8th semister project in TEXAS INSTRUMENTS.

    i am planning to apply for
    1. university of texas, austin of texas, A&M
    3.columbia university

    and what other universities should i apply for.can i grade my profile as average?
    i am gettin LOR's from two professors and HOD
    please tell me the ambitious/moderate universities that i should apply.

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    Well a decent score on tests
    - an above average CGPA,
    - impressive project work
    - Assuming effective SOP and LOR

    your profile is a speck above average, yet here is my take :

    1. university of texas, austin - v.v.ambi of texas, A&M - v.v.ambi
    3.columbia university - v.v.ambi

    Just because you are hopeful about doing project in T.I. doesnt grant you an admission into schools located in TEXAS

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    i have sorted out few more universities for embedded systems in A- grade and B+ grade universities, please let me know my chance of gettin into em

    University of California, Irvine(UCI)
    University of Massachusetts Amherst
    Vanderbilt University

    university of texas, arlington
    University of California, Santa Barbara

    if u can advise on ny other colleges, it would be better

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    University of California, Irvine(UCI) - mod
    University of Massachusetts Amherst - ambi
    Vanderbilt University - mod

    university of texas, arlington - safe
    University of California, Santa Barbara - v.v.ambi

    Just browse through similar profiles in the forum and come up with a list.

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    what about these colleges

    Boston University
    University of California - Davis
    University of Arizona
    University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC)
    Univ. of Maryland College Park (UMCP) for ENTS
    Syracuse University
    University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) for TCOM

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    Boston University - mod/ambi
    University of California - Davis - mod
    University of Arizona - safe
    University of Illinois - Chicago (UIC) - mod/safe
    Univ. of Maryland College Park (UMCP) for ENTS - ambi
    Syracuse University - mod/safe
    University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) for TCOM - ambi

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