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Thread: GRE -302, Embedded Systems ,Please Rank the Universities.

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    GRE -302, Embedded Systems ,Please Rank the Universities.

    Hello Sir,

    GRE Score :302
    Toefl -Booked on 10 Nov
    UG Till 6 Sem is 7.5 expecting around 8 in final degree.
    My Profile is in Embedded Systems and also done some industrial work for NXP Semiconductors in VLSI .
    All India Prizes in Robotics and Satellite Designing Embedded in IIT's and National Colleges !

    The Universities that i have applied are :

    University of Texas -Arlington
    Texas A&M University -Kingville
    University of Texas -Tyler
    California State University- Fullerton

    Please grade these Universities according to the acceptance rate , so that i can start my application Process !

    Regards !

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    Well the acceptance rate can be obtained from google, for your profile

    University of Texas -Arlington - mod
    Texas A&M University -Kingville - v. ambi
    University of Texas -Tyler - no idea
    California State University- Fullerton - mod

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    Sir ,
    Kindly let me know some of the more safe universities to get into by this score .

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    Come up with a list by yourself.

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    1)University of North Carolina -Charlotte
    2)Cleveland state university.
    3)Wright state university.
    5)Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago
    6)Utah State University.
    7)Iowa State University.
    8)Vanderbilt University.
    9)University of Texas -Dallas.
    Please rank them accor. to mod ,safe !
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    1)University of North Carolina -Charlotte - mod
    2)Cleveland state university. - safe
    3)Wright state university. - safe
    4)NJIT - mod
    5)Illinois Institute of Technology-Chicago - mod
    6)Utah State University. - safe
    7)Iowa State University. - mod
    8)Vanderbilt University. - mod
    9)University of Texas -Dallas. - mod

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    Thanks a lot !
    Sir ,Is Utah State and UT-Arlington have good programs in Embedded Systems .
    If, u have some idea regarding this.

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    Dont know about utah but ya UT-Arlington has definitely some related research going on.

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