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Thread: plz giv ur sugg

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    plz giv ur sugg

    hi guys,
    My gre score is 300 (152 quants/148 verb). My IELTS score is 8. I ve two years of work experience with a automotive company and have completed 4 projects for my company. my ug specialization is Electrical and Electronics n my cgpa is 8.2. Im looking for ms in electrical

    plz give me ur sugg from the universities tat i ve listed.

    1. SJSU,california
    2. IOWA state university,
    3. University of cal, davis
    4. University of florida, gainsville
    5. Ohio state university
    6.University of col@ boulder
    7.Arizona state univ of minnesota,twin cities
    9. NCSU
    10.Texas A&M
    ur suggestions are also appreciated.
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    ur reply would be really useful. Help me wid dis guyz

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    Guys please give ur opinion here, i'd appreciate it!

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    Why did you create two profiles with different names?
    Whats your undergraduate score?
    Anyhow, visit the websites of various colleges before writing down a list. Do you even know that min GRE score for getting into SJSU ECE department is 312?

    Still just based on the given info here is a rough idea

    1.SJSU,california - no chance
    2. IOWA state university - ambi
    3. University of cal, davis - ambi
    4. University of florida, gainsville - ambi
    5. Ohio state university - v.ambi
    6.University of col@ boulder - ambi
    7.Arizona state univ - amb/acad centric of minnesota,twin cities - ambi
    9. NCSU - ambi
    10.Texas A&M - i mean really???

    Why dont you check this out :
    Low GRE Score Universities

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