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Thread: [Profile evalution] GRE:317 AW:4.5 TOEFL:113 ACAD:74%

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    [Profile evalution] GRE:317 AW:4.5 TOEFL:113 ACAD:74%

    Hi.. Please evaluate my profile:

    GRE: 317 (Quants: 157; Verbal: 160)
    AW: 4.5
    TOEFL: 113
    ACAD: 74% (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
    WORK EXP: 1yr as of now (24 Oct 2012)

    I intend to study Computer Science.
    What chances do I have for the following universities:

    1. University of California - DAVIS
    2. Ohio State University
    3. SUNY Stony Brook
    4. University of Colorado-Boulder
    5. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
    6. Syracuse University
    7. University of Utah

    Thank you.
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