Hello, I would like to get my profile evaluated n receive ur precious suggestions. I will be thankful to you for spending ur valuable time in going through my profile n giving me ur most valuable n helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance

My Profile:

GRE: 307 (Verbal- 144, Quant- 163), AWA- 3.5

TOEFL- 74 First Attempt (R- 20, L- 16, S- 20,W- 18), 73 Second Attempt (R- 20, L- 16, S- 19,W- 18), Third Attempt will be gving on 22nd DEC.

Academics : UG- 7.66/10 (CGPA) till 6th Semester, College- National Institute of Technology(NIT), raipur & Branch- Electronics and Tele Communication Engineering
12th- 87.1% (Andhra Pradesh state Board)
10th- 74.6% (CBSE)

Projects & Workshops : 2 Mini Projects - 1 @ DRDO, Hyderabad n Other @ Electronics Corporation of India Limited(ECIL), Hyderabad
doing 1 Mini project (7th Sem) on Compressive sampling under college prof.
Carnegie mellon univ n Technophilia systems certified workshop cum internship on advanced robotics n embedded systems
Texas instruments certified workshop on MSP 430 Launch Pad
IIT Guwahati & AB Labs certified workshop on gsm based mobile making

Work Experience : 6 months teaching experience in an private coaching coaching institute.

Extra Curriculars : 1 participation certificate from IIT Guwahati.
2nd Prize certificate ini NIT Raipur Tech fest's Technical competition.

Research n Publications : NA

LOR's n SOP's : 2 Decent LOR's (from hod n assist. prof) n 1 avg LOR (from assist. prof), Decent SOP

List of Universities shot listed for applying:

1. University of Illinois, Chicago.
2. University of Texas, Dallas
3. Oklahoma State University
4. SUNY Binghamton
5. Colorado State University.

Course Applying for : MS in Electronics (iin VLSI)

Till now you have seen my detailed profile n now i need help to decided upon what to do next..
I have taken toefl twice n ended up with a low score (74 & 73). i have again booked another TOEFL slot on 22nd DEC . If i fail again to manage a score above 80, then what should i be doing is the main problem i'm facing? I have consider some options to do in case i get <80 in toefl n they r as follows:

1. Apply to universities with the better scores among the three available scores.
2. Take a job , work for yr n again retake gre, toefl, ielts, n then apply for fall 2014.

Suggest me which 1 is the good option n will help me pursue a better career in future
So, i want to know if i apply with <80 toefl score what r the universities which accept my profile?
n will i be facing ne problem in VISA interview and i heard that with low toefl i won't be getting VISA is that true?
suggest me some universities matching my profile with <80 toefl score.
If i manage to get >80 TOEFL Scoore then will the list of univ i have choosen above be gettable? n will have ne problem during visa or for college admission(Because 3 toefl attempts).

Please suggest me some universities for MS (in VLSI) Fall 2013 for
1. <80 TOEFL n
2. >80 TOEFL.

Thanks again for patiently reading my post n giving your most imp suggestions helping me to decide upon what to do next.