Please evaluate my profile based on the following information:

GRE: 327/340
TOEFL: 107/120
AWA: 4.5
UG CGPA:8.46/10.00 (Topper's 9.40)
1 Backlog - 4th sem - cleared immediately
5 months ( and continuing) job ( in R&D) experience in a startup company and involved in projects related to networking and telecom domain
2 Major industrial level projects done so far ( related to networking)
IETE Student's Council Organizational and Technical Committee Member (2 years)
Organized some events under IETE

What are my chances of getting accepted to following universities:

1) MS in Networking - North Carolina state university
2) Master's Program In Telecommunications - University of Maryland
3) Arizona state university
4) Stony Brook university
5) Iowa state university
6) University of Texas A&M station

Apart from these, can you suggest any other universities suiting my profile and field of interest?

Thanks in advance.