Hi evaluators, This is Aditya Rao, I am an Information Science graduate from BIT bangalore, I am interested in pursuing M.S in Computer Science.
My gre score is 1260(math:760,ver:500,awa:3) and Toefl score is 90. I am planning to apply for fall 2013.
I have the following list of Universities in mind :

1) University of California,Santa Cruz
2) University of California Riverside
3)University Of Southern California Viterbi
4) SUNY Stony Brook
5) Arizona State University
6) Syracuse University
7) SUNY Buffalo
8) University of Texas at Dallas
9) San Diego State University.
10) North Eastern University, Boston.

I would like to know about the expenses, research and career/placement opportunities.

I have completed my academic project on "facial Recognition using Independent Component Analysis" from ARN systems , bangalore.

I have worked as an intern in ARN systems from march 1st to june 25th 2012 as a Project engineer.

I am working in "Fidelity management and Research .co", India as a graduate trainee engineer from july 26th and have been carrying on a role of a Java developer.

I am working on a research paper on "Influence of Music along with Images on Memory mapping of Human brain", I am interested in the field of Artificial intelligence and Multimedia Computing, I would like to take up these fields for my research later.

I have attended a workshop on "mobile application dev" organized by CIT,Bangalore.

I have also presented a paper on "Empathic Music Provision with User Interaction" in a National level conference organized by KSIT, Bangalore.

please evaluate my profile.