*reposting here*
GRE: 312
GPA- 9.3/10 in (what else?) computer science out of VTU, Karnataka.
12th- 84 percent
10th-95 percent
Excellent academic, co-curricular record throughout.
Currently in semi tech course. Has very little programming. Work with an American major. (2 years work ex)

Here is a discussion I hope will catch up. I am not "CRAZY" about computer science and certainly not into those number crunching, mind numbing RnD computer science stuff. I like the application part of it. Does a MS in CS or MIS course make sense for me. I just want global exposure and good job out of the course.

.. What are the colleges you people suggest. I am looking for good ROI. ( Am I wrong in looking MS as just an investment already ?? )

I am considering
North eastern
CMU for the MISM course. (dream). which are some of the other colleges i can apply?

Cherkuri Sir, will be glad if you can evaluate or suggest!!