Hi Please evaluate my profile

6month internship in Texas Instruments,Bangalore on Electronic Design Automation(mainly on PERL,TDL).
2month internship in Bharat Dynamics Limited on Master slave communication using PIC18f4525 microcontroller.(used proteus software for design and simulation)
1 on campus project on design and simulation of CMOS logic circuits(decoders,full adders) using Design electric software.
1 on-campus project on Battery monitoring system using RFID-comes under Embedded systems
1 project on obstacle sensing system using PSOC 3.0.

1. Texas A&M University, College station.
2. University of Pennsylvania
3. Arizona State University
4. University of Minnesota,Twin cities
5. North Carolina State University
6. University of Southern California
8.University of Wisconsin,Madison

This is the list I was able to come up with so far on my own research. Kindly give me suggestions about my admit chances in the above and if there are any more to be added or removed from the above list