Hello all. Profile details :
GRE : 1230; Q:760, V: 470 & AWA: 4.5
TOEFL : yet to be taken (test date: Oct 27th)
B.E. aggregate: 81.12%, Electronics and Communication, V.T.U. Karnataka (2011)
2nd PUC : 87%
10th std : 94.72%
Currently, working as a PCB design engineer at a startup company in bangalore.I have played important roles in the implementation, testing and delivery of several projects for my company. I wish to pursue my M.S. in the area of Microelectronics or VLSI design. My list of universities are :

1. Arizona State Uni (A.S.U)
2. Uni of Texas at Dallas (U.T.D)
3. Uni of Illinois, Chicago (U.I.C)
4. Uni of Minnesota, Twin Cities (UMN)
5. Purdue Uni, West Lafayette
6. Uni of Cincinnati, Ohio

Kindly suggest my chances of securing admits from these above universities. I would also like to know names of 2 more universities in the moderate & safe category. Looking forward to your replies