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Thread: Fall13|MS|CS|General MS or Databases|GRE:Q:155:V:157|TOEFL:113|GPA:8.496

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    Red face Fall13|MS|CS|General MS or Databases|GRE:Q:155:V:157|TOEFL:113|GPA:8.496


    Please take out some time and review my profile. I need to send the application by the end of this month or atleast by November first week.

    Quants: 710
    Verbal: 560

    TOEFL: 113

    College GPA : 8.496 / 10

    -> 4 mini projects(Not Published anywhere...made by me)
    -> 1 Major college project

    Extra-curricular activities: A few. But no NGO work.

    Experience: 1 Year at Accenture( 1 year will be complete by August-2013)

    Interested filed: MS in CS( General)(First preference) or Databases and Software engineering

    I haven't actually figured out the final 10. So please help me selecting the final 10 from the below mentioned universities:

    I plan to apply to 4 AMBITIOUS( Gettable ), 3 MODERATE and 3 SAFE( safe bets ).

    University List:

    1.) USC
    2.) SUNY Stony Brook
    3.) SUNY Buffalo
    4.) UFL
    5.) University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    6.) Rutgers
    7.) UCLA
    8.) GaTech
    9.) Syracuse University
    10.)University of Cincinnati
    12.)Ohio State University
    13.)University of Utah, Salt Lake
    14.)University of Rochester
    17.)University of Maryland, College Park
    18.)Penn State
    19.)University of Illinois,Ur-Ch
    21.)Columbia University
    22.)Arizona State university

    Thank you !!!!

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    I know it is a tedious job to sort these many univs...but please do have a look and help me out seniors...I am really confused!! please Help!!

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