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Thread: MS in Mechanical Engg. GRE:326, Toefl:114.

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    MS in Mechanical Engg. GRE:326, Toefl:114.

    GRE:326, AWA:3.5 | Toefl:114 | Acads : 7.13 until 6th sem | Please suggest me universities for MS in Mechanical Engineering for FALL 2013.
    No job experience. No research experience. No papers presented. However im very passionate about ME.
    What are my chances to these universities?

    1)Purdue West Laftyette
    2)University of illinois at urbana champaign
    3)Georgia tech
    4)Virginia Polytech Institute
    5)Ohio University
    6)John Hopkins
    9)University of Arizona.

    Suggest some universities. Im confused about the courses too. Should i opt for Combustion technology ?? Is it good ?
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