hi guys, plz check my current profile n tell me if i can try for these universities:

ug: 64.89%

Ug Project: Pursued in IISC Bangalore, Aerospace Dept.

2 internships/ summer projects from IISC.

gre n toefl : taking this month

recos: 2 from IISC, 1 from Prof. and the other from Asst. Prof.

i had 4 backlogs total, from first year n also in 4th sem.

i want to apply for MS in Control Systems (EE) or Automotive Electronics.

my preferred universities are:
1. ASU
2. Clemson
3. North Carolina State University

can u please tell me what are my chances of getting into these universities provided i obtain a decent score in GRE n Toefl.

thank you.