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Thread: Please evaluate profile for MS (CS) Fall 2013

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    Question Please evaluate profile for MS (CS) Fall 2013


    I got a GRE score of 319 (Quant- 169, Verbal- 150).
    My Academics are BTech (ECE) with CGPA 8.0/10.

    XII : 88.8%
    X: 84.2%

    I've been working in IT companies since last 4 years.

    I wish to persue MS in Computer Science.

    Will my BTech being in ECE hamper admissions in CS course?

    Few of the Universities I've shortlisted are:

    University of California--San Diego
    California Institute of Technology
    university of texas, austin
    University of California--Santa Barbara
    Brown University
    Iowa State University
    Ohio State University
    San Jose State University
    University of Waterloo (Canada)
    Mcgill University (Canada)

    Please help to identify which of the above are best suited in terms of quality education, repute, scholarship chances as per my profile and Job prospects.

    Please suggest some Universities of high repute where I can get a good scholarship.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ankur Garg

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    University of California--San Diego ambi
    California Institute of Technology in ur dreams
    university of texas, austin dream
    University of California--Santa Barbara ambi
    Brown University dont bother to apply
    USC ambi but gettable
    Iowa State University moderate
    Ohio State University moderate
    San Jose State University safe
    University of Waterloo (Canada) mod
    Mcgill University (Canada) mod

    Hey ankur, i wud suggest u to add more safe univ for ur profile...u have a good gre but not that good..the unic u have shortlisted are dream univ for u, ur expectations are very high..apply for some more moderate and safe univ where u can also get funding

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