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Thread: Fall 2013 | MS |Bioechnology [general] | G.R.E-305 | TOEFL-114 | U.G -8.76

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    Fall 2013 | MS |Bioechnology [general] | G.R.E-305 | TOEFL-114 | U.G -8.76

    B.E Biotechnology -- cgpa-8.76 (topper-9.3)
    BMS college of Engineering, Bangalore
    Revised GRE -305 V-149 Q-156 (AWA-3.5)
    Toefl- 114
    Applying to MS or PSM in Biotechnology

    1)Pennsylvania state University
    2)Texas A&m University, College station
    3)University of Texas, Dallas
    4)University of Connecticut
    5)University of Maryland, Baltimore county
    6)University of South Florida,Tampa
    7)University of Texas, San Antonio
    8)Temple University, Philadelphia

    Could u also mention how good each university is.. and also mention other univeristies good for PSM in Biotechnology. Really need your help.

    I have done a 40 days workshop on Recombinant DNA technology
    I am currently working on a project of Bioagumentation of Endosulfans in college.

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    Have you tried searching on other forums . People hardly reply here anymore .

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