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Thread: Plz help...

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    MS in US Fresher
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    Plz help...

    i have scored 300 in gre....Q-158 V-142 AWA-3.5
    Toefl not given...
    my average is 73.3% in college till 6th semester.

    I want to do MS in Computer Science.
    i have some universities also....

    san jose state university
    California state University,Northridge
    Sacramento State University
    San Diego State University
    The University of Texas at Arlington
    University of florida
    Michigan Technological University,Houghton
    New York Institute of Technology

    Its good if i get admission in california.... plz check these univ and suggest me some more universities i can get in usa....(Fall 2013)
    being a good student ...i am kind of the score is not that good...dont want to give gre again....but still help me...!!

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    san jose state university admit
    California state University,Northridge very safe, sure admit
    Sacramento State University safe
    San Diego State University safe
    The University of Texas at Arlington mod
    University of florida mod
    Michigan Technological University,Houghton admit
    New York Institute of Technologyi dont know..

    u can also apply for
    univ of central florida

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    Sorry friend...but can u tell me... "admit" and "mod" means what...? are their less chances or something else ...??

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    mod - u have kind of 50/50 chaces of admssions
    admit - easy to get admission
    For profile evaluation please add your Scores, Academics to your admission profile. If you have already applied please add the univ list. To Edit your profile visit

    University groups. If the univ group you are applying is not listed, please create a group by your own.

    Profile Evaluation for MS, PhD in USA | US University Rankings by Major for MS,PhD

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