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Thread: Fall 2013|MS|CS|GRE:318(Q:164,V:154,AWA:4)|TOEFL:104|UG %:77.6|3+ Yrs. Experience

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    Fall 2013|MS|CS|GRE:318(Q:164,V:154,AWA:4)|TOEFL:104|UG %:77.6|3+ Yrs. Experience


    Please evaluate my profile:

    GRE: 318 (V-154, Q-164, AWA-4.0)
    TOEFL: 104 (L:27 R:28 S:22 W:27)
    10th: 88%
    12th: 93%
    UG(BE in CSE): 77.6%|SK University
    University top: 82%

    Applying for MS in CS.
    Areas of Interest: Algorithms, Networks & Systems. Not interested in Databases.
    Papers: No International or IEEE papers. Presented 2 papers at inter college events and won.
    Work experience: 3+ years at Infosys. 1+ years onsite experience.

    Will get good reco's from professors at college and manager at office. Can get a solid reco from client. Is this a good idea?

    List of universities:

    University of Texas, Dallas
    Indiana University, Bloomington
    SUNY, Buffalo
    Arizona State University
    North Carolina State University
    SUNY, StonyBrook
    U.Cal, Irvine
    Syracuse University
    University of Florida
    Ohio State University
    University of Utah
    IOWA state university

    Please let me know what are my chances with the above list.

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    As far as I know,

    SUNY, Buffalo
    SUNY, Stony Brook

    are very safe for your profile...

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    University of Texas, Dallas moderate
    Indiana University, Bloomington mod/safe
    SUNY, Buffalo safe
    Arizona State University mod
    North Carolina State University safe
    SUNY, StonyBrook safe
    U.Cal, Irvine ambi
    Syracuse University safe
    University of Florida mod
    Ohio State University ambi
    University of Utah mod
    IOWA state university safe

    Ur university is very good, accurate and precise... Uve done alot of reasearch...go ahead and apply

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    Thanks Daniel.

    Going by the trend, thought UTD was safe bet, NCSU & SUNY SB ambitious. Surprised to see otherwise... Any specific reasons?

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    Tagging @[cherukuri_ajay]. Pls. evaluate my profile.

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