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Thread: Profile Evaluation For MS in US universities

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    Profile Evaluation For MS in US universities

    I have scored a 300 in GRE.. Verbal=150, Quant=150 and Analytical=3.0. and my TOEFL score is 101.
    My gpa is above 8.0 and my 10th and 12th percentage is 90. iam interested in US universities in the dept. of Electrical and Electronics Engnn. Can i apply to University of florida and california sate univ?

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    ur score is an average score...yes u can apply...i have personally seen many students who hav scored very less in gre but they had a very strong sop n lor so they got into good univ in US. so do some research, visit univ sites & collect info. I donno bout Florida but in California i can give u some names of good univ.
    1 Calfornia state univ, fullerton
    2 Calfornia state univ, long beach
    3 San Jose state univ
    4 Santa clara

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