Please evaluate my profile I have taken gre once again and have my scores as follow:
Specialization Graphics: GRE - 315, QA - 165, VA - 150 , AWA - 4
10th - 90.29
12th - 83 CSE - 7.68 CGPA
Work-Ex: 27 months in Infosys. Ltd.
Sectors: IT + Banking domain.
Internship: Infosys internship during final semester of months) + project done: "Soften online Auction System" + 5/5 CGPA which gave me extra compensation/ month for 1 year apart for salary.

1) Got "Gem of the quarter award" at Infosys Ltd.
2) Completed training with 5/5 CGPA at Infosys, Mysore
3) Won chess tournament(DC level tournament)
4) Organized National Level Technical Symposium at Nirma univ, Ahd
5) Won 2nd prize at National level Technical Symposium at Nirma univ, ahd
6) Completed "Diploma in Java" course with A+ grade conducted by CDAC(Center of development of Advanced Computing)
7)Completed Infosys internal certification in Banking domain with >80%
8) Done projects like "Face Recognition System" , "Chat Server" , "Notepad".
9) No papers published.

Please evaluate my profile and let me know which univs i can apply and can get admits?? Please suggest some other univs also apart from this.

Univs which I have already sent scores:
1) CMU (16th month track)
2) TAMU (Texas A&M university, college station)
3) University of Arizona
4) Syracuse university

Univs which I am planning to apply but need to narror down my list to total of 8. Please help me out based on my profile.
1) NYU
2) University of cinncinnati
3) University of washington
4) University of illinois , chicago
5) Sunny buffalo
6) University of Maryland, collgepark
7) University of Florida

please let me know asap.
Thanks and regards,