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Thread: Application for Post Completion OPT

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    Application for Post Completion OPT

    Since I am not able to post this MESSAGE on the CPT/OPT Thread, I am posting it here. Sorry for the inconvinience. I would appreciate if any qualified person could help me out by answering my querry.

    Here is my situation:-

    I came to US in Fall 2009 for MS in CS. For the first 2 semesters, I was enrolled in 3 courses each. After that in the next 2 semesters, I under-enrolled because of medical reasons, hence took 2 courses each in 3rd and 4th semester. Since I got a 'F' in one of the courses, I was asked to retake that course. Instead of retaking that course in the 5th semester, I opted for Co-op for the next 1 year and now am retaking that left over course in the 7th semester. I would like to know if this is going to cause any problems in my OPT when I apply for it this December.
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