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Thread: Profile evaluation New gre 303

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    Profile evaluation New gre 303

    Quant 158
    Verb 145
    toefl 108
    acads 78%

    Ms communication and signal processing

    Please suggest 4 dream and 3 safe universities

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    Quant 158---> 70 percentile.
    Verb 145------>49 percentile.
    quants is bit lower side..this may hurt..
    pls mention your work experience n university studied.
    AFA communication & signal processing is concerned, i'm mentioning some universities. unless u give ur complete profile i can't tell d uni suited to ur profile.
    Clemson University----->good research in DSP( mod)
    Arizona State Univeristy ( ASU )------->mod/safe
    Penn State-------> very selective(dream)
    Wisconsin Madison----------very good for SP(dream)
    Virginia Tech-----> (dream)
    University of Washington------>(mod/dream)
    UCal- San Deigo------->awesome research(dream)
    San Deigo State Univ-----(mod)
    Virginia Tech----->best in wireless research(dream)
    University of Maryland, College Park----->(dream+1)
    Rutgers University----->dream/mod
    Auburn University----->dream/mod
    UCSD----->very good research in comm(dream)
    Kansas State University--->good, but visa prob
    University of Kansas--->good, but visa prob
    Clemson University---->mod
    These are just set of universities which i got from the sources, pls do a research on uni before considering any uni.
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