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Thread: Fall 13| MS CS | GRE 1400 Q750 V650| TOEFL 107 | UG 7.77 GPA | WorkEx 2.4 Yrs

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    Fall 13| MS CS | GRE 1400 Q750 V650| TOEFL 107 | UG 7.77 GPA | WorkEx 2.4 Yrs

    Hi Guys,

    I am Sundeep, and I have been working as a Software Developer in an MNC since the last 2.4 years. I did my B.Tech in Computer Science from IIIT-Hyderabad. I would appreciate if any of you could reply to my below concerns. Before that please have a look at my profile:

    GRE : 1400 (Q: 750, V: 650) - Written in 2009, September.
    TOEFL : 107 - Score expired. Need to write it again.
    UG CGPA: 7.77/10 (IIIT-Hyderbad, Btech CSE)
    Work Ex: Currently 2.4 years in Product Development

    I have listed down the following univs and need to finalize a 8 univ list. Please suggest my chances in them.

    tentative list that I made
    CMU (Any specialization in CS), UT Austin, University of Maryland College Park, Georgia Institute of Technology, TAMU College Station, Umass Amherst, Sunny Stony Brook, University of Southern California(Viterbi), University of California - San Diego, University of California - Santa Barbara, Virginia Tech, North Eastern University.

    Also, I want to select univs based on the below critetion:
    1) I want to apply to 3 Ambitious, 3 Moderate and 2 Safe univs.
    2) My primary focus for MS is to get a good job. So I would prefer universities which would provide scope for good internship and job opportunities.
    3) I know that getting an aid is very difficult, so I'd prefer a university with not so heavy tuition fee, unless of course it is in the ambitious list.

    Please suggest any other univs that you think might suit my profile. All help would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    hey sundeep,

    indeed u have a good profile and ur expectations are also high but if u dont want to spend too much and want some fee waivers then u can add some more state universities to ur list. obviously the state univ wud be safe for u but the low tuition cost wud help u, otherwise the list u have prepared is a good list which mostly have ambi univ but then it also has some moderate univ and safe univ..
    universities in california are obviously goood but u can add some more state univ from california or new york,,that wud help u in ur funding

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