-> 59% (BE) ; 56% (Avg of 4 years) - Uni Topper (BE 78%)
-> 10th (85%) 12th (84%)
-> 2 yrs of relevant Work Ex (Working with RIL on 4G project)
-> Sardar Patel Inst of Tech, Mumbai Uni (Etrx)
-> GRE 319 (Q162, V157, AWA 4.5)
-> ECE/CS (Depending on Uni) Computer Networking

IMP: I am happy with my current work as the company and the job profile are quite good, but i want to pursue MS for getting more knowledge in the field of Networking as i really love the subject. So want to only pursue this MS if i get a GOOD course from a GOOD university.

i know my BE score is a big blot on my profile but i hope to make up for it somehow (maybe the workex will help)

List of Uni I have shortlisted:

1. CMU - INI (Dream Uni)
2. North Carolina State University
3. University of Southern California
4. Arizona State Uni
5. Penn State University Uni Park
6. Iowa State University (ISU)
7. University of California-Irvine
8. University of Florida
9. Rutgers, State Univ New Brunswick
10. University of California- Santa Barbara
11. Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech)
12. University of Maryland, College Park
13. University of Massachusetts Amherst

Any suggestions for safe uni which can be considered for Networking?

-> 2 yrs of relevant Work Ex (Working with RIL on 4G project)
-> Good/Avg extracurricular
-> No Research papers