Hi all,

I am a pretty average student 10th-60% 12th-55% , BTech (Electronics and communication engg)=6.7 GPA. I am working with a reputed telecom firm in india
since 2008 (4yrs experience) as a networks engineer. Now the case is that I am pissed off with my job and i dont see any good future in india in this domain. So i thought
of doing MS so I have a query that an average student like me can think of MS in electrical and electronics ? I am very much confused so can anyone help me please.
I know that i must get a decent score and i am expecting 1200+ score in gre.

Please consider my points first, and i am seeking for a wise advice:
1- I am not very much interested in researching any subject. I just want to do MS and get a decent job in US. Can i do MS with this thinking?
2-My age is 27 and i think i am pretty old
3-I am in job for 4 years so i had forgot nearly everything what i studied in BTech.
4-Some good points: I am not that much dumb in studies. I just didnt worked hard. But i know by working hard i can achieve it
5- And the main reason why i an thinking to go to US that my sister and her husband lives in US and they can support me financially and in other things, though i am not that much financially sound in india.

My secondary question are:
1- What are the approx deadlines of applying for colleges for Fall 2013 as i just thought of doing MS now only ?
2-can i give GRE in january as i have to prepare atleast for 3months?
3-If i do MS would i have any big problem in getting at job in US. this question really scares me as i have to leave a job in india to do MS?
4- Should i go for coaching classes or i can study my own considering i am working.?

Waiting for quick replies,