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Thread: Profile evaluation for MS in US

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    Profile evaluation for MS in US

    Hi All ,

    I am Sankar , working in a reputed EDA company for 5+ years now .I want to do part time Masters in ECE Integrated Circuit Design at UT Austin from next year onwards . The admission process/criteria for part time and fulltime students at UT Austin is however the same .

    My profile would look like :

    1. High School (School Topper - 94 % )
    2. Pre Degree ( 89 % )
    3. B Tech Electronics and Communication from Cochin University ( Topped in few semesters . Overall GPA = 8.4 . Topper grade is 8.6 )
    4. One publication in IEEE conference .
    5. Five plus years experience in relevant VLSI / EDA field in implementing and running tools on Power Integrity , Signal Integrity , EMC/EMI , ESD , Package/Board Analysis etc
    6. GRE score :
    Quant : 800 ( old format ) 166 (in new format)
    Verbal : 470 ( old format ) 151 (in new format)
    Analytical Writing : 5/6
    7. Expecting very good recommendations from company leads and professors .

    Please let me know if my profile looks good for UT Austin .

    Also I am a bit worried about low verbal score in GRE . It is 470 in old format and 151 in new format . Could you please suggest
    if i need to retake my GRE . Will it affect my chances ?



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    You have an excellent profile except GRE. UT Austin looks for toppers in every aspect i.e Academic, GRE etc. and it is slightly biased towards IITians but it won't be a matter of concern in your case because of your 5 year work ex. Relevant work ex is a big plus. But if you are sure of obtaining 325+ in GRE with 166+ in quant, you can retake GRE.
    With this profile, it is difficult to get through (only because of GRE).


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