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Thread: Fall 2013 | MS CS | GRE 317(Q-161, V-156, AWA 5) | TOEFL 115 | UG-8.5 | VTU-PESIT

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    Fall 2013 | MS CS | GRE 317(Q-161, V-156, AWA 5) | TOEFL 115 | UG-8.5 | VTU-PESIT


    I want to apply for Fall 2013. My GRE scores are as above (in title). My undergrad CGPA is 8.5/10. GRE scores translate to Q=770 and V=550 on the older scale.

    Following is the list of universities I have made:
    1. SUNY Stony Brook
    2. USC
    3. UC San Diego
    4. UCLA
    5. Texas A&M
    6. Arizona State University
    7. Georgia Tech
    8. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
    9. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    10. North Carolina State University
    11. University of California - Santa Barbara
    12. University of Arizona - Tucson
    13. UT Austin
    14. UC - Irvine
    15. Rutgers
    16. SUNY Buffalo

    My brief profile:

    1) Internship & project - Developed an automation framework for company
    2) Internship - Android App Development
    3) Work Experience - 2 years till Fall 2013. Role: Software Engineer.
    4) Projects at college:
    a) Developed a photo-sharing website using LAMP
    b) Cloud computing project
    c) Music Technology - Synthesizer app using Python
    d) Developed a functional Linux shell
    5) Wrote one healthcare-related research paper at workplace. Submitted for one conference. yet to receive their confirmation.
    6) 10/10 GPA in final semester at college

    Interested in machine learning & data mining (I like both. So, not completely decided on which).

    Two more questions:
    1) Recommentations: Among the recommendation from office and ones from college, which would weigh heavier? I will have 2 years work ex by Fall 2013. I am kind of iffy about getting recommendations from office. But if it weighs more than getting it from a senior lecturer, then I can do it.
    2) I have good TOEFL and GRE AWA scores. Would it give me some advantage to my application?

    So, is this a good list? Please evaluate my profile. Do make suggestions of other suitable schools. Awaiting your reply. Thank you!

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    1,2,3,16 - mod
    4,7,13,15 - ambi
    5,6,11,12 - safe

    Also, reco from college profs carry more weight. And good toefl score is of course helpful.

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