UG GPA 78% (Anna University)
GRE - 1280 ( V - 530, Q - 750, AWA - 3)
TOEFL - 112
Can get very good recos. One Reco from a IITan and former BARC scientist.
Well researched SOP. Summary: keen interest in research, passionate about learning CS in depth and working with great people.
Two projects in Software Engineering. One project in The Great Mind Challenge Organized by IBM.
Organizing member of Virtuoso2010, college Tech festival.
Three years in a top IT company in India. Stellar work records.
Apping directly for PHD.
Below are some shortlisted Universities: (I would need to fine tune it and reduce the count to about 10. Please suggest schools that I would suit me, but I have missed.)
1. UMass Armherst
2. University of Southern California
3. University of California(Irvine)
4. University of California(Riverside)
5. University of North Carolina(Chapel Hill)
6. University of Rochester
7. University of Chicago
8. University of California(Santa Barbara)
9. Rutgers
10. Syracuse
11. Ransselaer Polytechnic
12. University of Texas(A&M)
13. UFL
14. Brown University
15. SUNY (Buffalo)

Any help/suggestions most appreciated.
Gracias Amigos