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Thread: Rankings according to placements!

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    Rankings according to placements!


    My profile:
    ms in cs
    gre-297(v-141,q-156), first attempt-1000(320+680)
    toefl yet to take
    1 year of work ex
    summer internships in mnc
    fyp-optical character recognition
    no papers or presentations
    some sports and extra curricular certificates

    can i get the best univ according to my score?
    i don't need the best ranked univ,
    instead i want the univ which has very good placements because it is very essential for me to support my family after my MS cause they are investing a lot in my education and if i dont get a job after my MS then all would be lost in my life...

    How much time do we have after MS to get a job?

    everyone is discussing about getting into a good school, does anyone think about getting about a good job after their MS?

    What is the placement scene after MS in CS from average univ which correspond to my score? will i get a good job?
    please help me...

    i am looking forward to everyone for their help.....l

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    to my knowledge you need to get into a nice/average ranking university for a good job placement. With the GRE score you is bit unlikely to get into those universities if possible do try to get more score
    it will increase your chances

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    The concept of Campus Placements does not exist in US. You need to get the job all by yourself. Work hard and you will definitely get a job. University ranking does not matter that much.

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