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Thread: Choosing EE/MECH/CS Stream

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    Question Choosing EE/MECH/CS Stream


    I need guidance in choosing between CS/MECH/EE streams to apply to . I have a B.Tech in Mechatronics .

    I am planning on applying for fall 2013 for MS in Robotics related courses and I prefer to specialize in CS stream over core Mech or EE streams.But my undergrad curriculum had only two CS related subjects and no core CS subjects. Although, my first job was software oriented, i have been in a managerial role rather than a technical one for the past year and half.

    How realistic are my chances of getting a CS Admit. OR should i browse other options ? Much appreciated if some one can guide me in this.

    I can provide further details on my profile and job experience if any one needs clarification.


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    If you want to apply for CS, take the subject GRE for it and get a good score. Otherwise it would be very difficult to get accepted into a CS grad program.

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    Thanks for the reply man. It is very difficult for me to give a subject GRE after this. So i would be better of applying for other departments ?

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