Hi -

My scores in GRE and TOEFL are 323(Q166+V157) and 114(R28+L29+S27+W30). I'm working in the semiconductor industry for the past 2 years. I'm mainly interested in pursuing a masters in the VLSI stream of electrical engineering.
I've shortlisted 7 colleges so far : UTAN,TAMU,Univ of wisconsin(Comp arch),Stanford,Purdue,GAtech,ASU.

Am planning to apply for 10-11 totally and need 4 more to fill my above list.
I am confused which to pick among the following:
CMU,cornell,UCSB,UCSD,USC,UCLA,NCSU,UMTC,UMass,UIU C,univ of maryland,Ohio state univ,Suny buffalo,UT dallas, UT arlington
Can you please suggest some good univs for VLSI to balance out my above list - preferably univs where the cost is less(do mention if ther r other univs apart from the list given above).