Hi fnds,
plz evaluate my profile for VLSI based Signal processing ( IC design for DSP algorithms and systems)

CGPA - 8.87 , X- 94.8%, XII- 97.5%
Institution - college of engineering guindy, Anna university chennai
GRE -155(verbal), 166(quans),3 (writing)
TOEFL - yet to take. hope i get more than 110.

projects and papers:

1. Speech stegnography based on sub band coding.
2. non invasive measurement of hemoglobin and true oxygen delivery to cells
this project is done for all india level "TI "analog design contest. Our team has been shortlisted for the next level. currently working on developing the protoype.

3. A morphological approach to remove salt and pepper noise in images( the paper is currently under review)
I m sure we will have a positive response within a month.

1 month in plant training at ISRO ( actually during that period i also helped the engineers there. so can i mention tat as intern?)

Following are the list of ambitious and mod coll i hav shortlisted..
1.UT austin (ambi)
2.UIUC (ambi)
3. gatech (ambi/mod)
4. UCSB (mod)
5. ASU (mod)
6. university of minnesota(mod).

kindly suggest whether I can apply for these colleges. Also suggest some safe coll that are good at giving aid.