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Thread: Advise on the profile and universities

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    Advise on the profile and universities


    I got
    GRE : 330
    AWA : 3.0
    TOEFL : yet to write
    ACADS : 8.27/10
    Coll: BITS- HYD
    Branch :ECE(2008-12)
    Experience: 6 months internship at Texas Instruments

    No papers published /submitted , No extra-curricular activities.

    MS in Digital/Communication/VLSI

    I am planning to apply for the following universities for FALL 2013

    1)Univ of Texas ,Austin -Ambitious
    2)Purdue Univ -Ambitious
    3)Univ of Michigan ,Ann Arbor -Ambitious
    4)Georgia Institute of Technology -Ambitious
    5)Univ of California , Santa Barbara -Ambitious
    6)university of maryland ,college park - Moderate/Ambi
    7)Texas A&M Univ , college station - Moderate/Ambi
    8)Univ of Southern California -Moderate
    9)North Carolina State Univ -Moderate
    10)Arizona State Univ,Tempe -Safe

    Please give an advise on the universities I'm applying for(i.e if I should add more moderate univs ?).

    Will a project taken now under college professor improve my chances of getting into a better university ?How should I improve my chances to get into good university ?

    Thanks in advance

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    please can u suggest the preparatoin materials for quant and score good marks...

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