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Thread: Ph.D in nanoelectronics

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    Question Ph.D in nanoelectronics

    Hello dear friends.
    I got my B.Sc and M.Sc from Iran.
    here is my CV

    under graduate: 14.68/20
    very good letters of recommendation
    8 international conference papers
    submit 1 ISI
    3years of work experience but not related.
    GRE:1070 and I am trying to take it again and I will boost my grade

    I want to study at nanoelectronics/solid-state electronics/ metamaterials and I want to get PHD or M.Sc/Ph.D.

    what do you think about my chance to get addmition and fund at universities below:

    UT austin
    UT A&M
    U of purdou
    U of wisconsine madison
    u of minnesota twins
    u of columbia
    u of texas at arlington
    u of texas tech
    u of vermount
    u of Boston
    u of rice
    u of rochester
    u of pitsbourg
    u of columbia
    polytechnic of rensellear
    u of tufft
    U of florida
    u of central florida

    I should mention that I got both my BSc and MSc from Iran. MSc from tehran polytechnic and I am 3 out of 29 in my class. and BSc from the university of guilan.


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    would you please say me if I can find fund for MSc better than MSc/PhD or Ph.D!

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