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Thread: Application Deadlines for Fall 2013

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    Application Deadlines for Fall 2013

    Below are the few universites tat i have selected and have noted down their deadlines. i dont understand some of them. Could some body pls explain them to me. also pls let me know if i have to send the application before the applications deadline for the below universites when is the suggested date for me to take the GRE and TOFEL.

    Colorado Boulder - Dec 15,2012

    Princeton - Dec 15, 2012

    Purude - Dec 15, 2012

    Texas A&M - August 1, 2011 to Jan 15,2012 (Last year)

    ohio : What does this mean
    Admission Quarters and Application Deadlines: All terms
    U.S. Citizen: WI Qtr 2012-Oct 15; SP Qtr 2012-Feb 1; AU Sem 2012-Jun 1; SP Sem 2013-Oct 15. Non-U.S. Citizen: AU Sem 2012-Jan 15.

    Virginia Tech - Jan 15 th with assitant ship, April 1st is actual

    North Carolina State University - March 1 st

    pittsburg - Swason School of Engineering, is it actually the mentioned univ in the site. - March 1

    Yale - Jan 2 nd

    ASU - October 1 st - last year - i think they mean the same year we are applying to.

    Pennsylvania - what does this mean?
    Early Decision - Nov 1,2012. Regular Decision - Jan 1 , 2013


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    Some might be ambitious i know, but still, looks like for most of the univs the deadline is on or before Dec 15 th of 2012. Let me know when possibly after november can i take so that i can send my applications before dead line.

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    Well, its quite simple really. Here goes...All the dates which you have listed out, for the various universities, are the FINAL dates by which ALL your application materials(Test Scores, Transcripts, LORs etc) should be at the graduate office/your major department of the university. Any application material received after this date will significantly delay the processing of your application, and consequently your admission decision.

    As for the specific deadlines w.r.t some universities...

    1) For the university in Ohio, it has quarter system, unlike most universities which have semester system. There will be three quarters- Winter(WI), Spring(SP), and Autumn(AU). If you wish to apply for fall '13, it means you are applying for the Autumn quarter here. And since you are a non-us citizen(assuming!), your deadline for this univ is Jan 15.

    2)Virginia Tech- I think you know it already, but still...if you want an assistantship, deadline is Jan 15.

    3)Texas A&M- didn't really get what you have mentioned by its side!

    4)UPenn-From what I have heard, early decision is for those who apply very early(like right now) and get their decisions by November. Mostly(90%), if you have been accepted in an early decision by a university, then you HAVE to attend it. You can't enroll somewhere else. Of course, if you are rejected in an early decision by the univ, then you can apply/enroll anywhere else. Rarely, univs also give "DEFERRED" as the decision in their early decision, in the case of your univ here, if you get a "deferred" decision, then it means they'll consider your application with the next set of applicants at the final(REGULAR DECISION) deadline- Jan 1.
    Again, this is just my opinion. Would be better if someone else can verify it!!

    As for when to take your GRE & TOEFL, if you are aiming for these univs, finish off your GRE and TOEFL(in that order) by Oct 2nd week latest. Coz ETS needs about 2-3 weeks for your GRE scores to be posted online, before which you can't report these scores to the universities. So you need to have ample time after your tests to be able to report your scores in time.

    Hope this helps! And, best of luck!

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    Planning for MS in Fall 2013

    Hi All,

    I am planning to apply for MS in CS in fall 2013. Could anyone please guide me what all necessary steps do I need to take in order to apply ?
    I have never given GRE exam earlier, this will be my first time. I request you all to please guide me in this.

    Thanks in advance,

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