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Thread: University Choices & Profile Evaluation for MS/PhD in Electrical Engg Fall 2013

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    University Choices & Profile Evaluation for MS/PhD in Electrical Engg Fall 2013


    Dear Group Members,

    It is my dream to get MS/PhD in Electrical Engineering in areas of RF/Antenna/Microwave/ Telecommunication/Optics from Top 10 US Universities. I have worked through years to improve my academic, professional & research profile to achieve my dream. Please provide suggestions to further improve my profile to achieve my dream. I have not done MS degree in Electrical Engineering; please suggest can I directly apply for PhD with this profile to get financial aid from Top US Universities. Please provide your opinion on my university choices regarding the strengths/weaknesses of my profile using following choices (ambitious/easy to get/ moderate chances/ safe/ unachievable)

    My overall educational, professional, research profile is as follows:


    MBA (Telecommunication Management): 83%
    B.E (Electronics): 73% with Final Year Project Marks: 194/200.
    12th Grade: 83%
    10th Grade: 87%
    1st position throughout school


    GRE Scores: 1160/1600
    Quantative: 760
    Verbal : 400
    AWA: 3.5

    IELTS: 7.5/9 band
    Listening: 8
    Speaking: 7
    Writing: 7

    TOEFL: 98/120


    Total Work Experience : 5 years (approx)
    Nature of Job: Research & Development
    Work Description: Satellite RF/Antenna (Design, Simulation, Development & Testing)
    Job Designation: Assistant Manager (Electronics/ Microwave) will be promoted next year as Manager of my Lab!!!!!

    Work experience also includes 4 one month internships in RF Planning & Optimization of different leading Telecommunication Companies.


    IEEE CONFERENCE PUBLICATIONS: 7 papers published in IEEE International Conferences held in China in 2010 & 2011. I was selected as session chairperson for one of my papers in one of the conferences. Mentioned Conferences are supported by IEEE Antenna Propagation Society & Microwave Theory & Techniques Society.

    2 papers published in non IEEE well reputed peer reviewed USA Conference.

    Wrote a 26 page book chapter for a open access publisher as well.

    Lots of more research papers ready on the way to be sent to IEEE international conferences.

    Achieved Excellence Award within my organization for year 2010
    Achieved 6 Officer of the month awards during my office service
    1st Position holder throughout my school career

    I receive daily requests from world class conferences to attend,submit & publish papers.


    Received lots of professional trainings from World Class Antenna/ Microwave Giant Companies as well.


    Brief list of my Top 10 dream US universities are as follows.

    1) MIT
    2) Stanford
    3) Berkeley
    4) Caltech
    5) UCLA
    6) Harvard
    7) Michigan Ann Arbor
    8) Georgia Tech
    9) Texas Austin Cockrell
    10) Illinois Urbana Champaign

    Other universities I am interested in are as follows:

    11) Southern California
    12) Ohio State Uni
    13) Virginia Tech
    14) California Santa Barbara
    15) John Hopkins
    16) Maryland

    However I am bit confused to think about applying to these universities as I dont know much about their Electrical Engineering programs.

    17) Princeton
    18) Pennsylvenia
    19) Carnegie Mellon
    20) Cornell
    21) Columbia
    22) Yale
    23) New York
    24) Purdue
    25) California San Diego
    26) North Western
    27) California Davis

    Waiting for honest response from your side.

    Best regards.

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    Please provide comments to this post. I really need suggestions from all of you thanks.

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