I am Harsha Completed my MTech from VIT GRE-1190 and TOEFL -105 Been to ASU on J1 as research scholar for my MTech final thesis Also applied for Masters There and got the admit for Fall 2012 but Deferred it to Spring 2013 as no funding was there thought to take suffiecient time and look for other universitites wch can fund.. Also put in application to University of Arizona Tucson ... Could have gone for PhD but after going on J1 found there study system too diff and challenging so thot to start with a MAsters there and if like will convert to PhD later ... My main purpose is to get into a good job there after MS ...If not that atleast get in a PhD ...Can you help me that if during Visa interview they look for a purpose for me to come back to India wch they often do how to answer that qn... Last time wen I gave the interview it wasnt much problem as I had the excuse that I have to come back to finish my Mtech degree here ... It was a short n good interview... Can someone helo me how to justify two MAsters and also the qn of coming back to India??