Can anyone pls validate my scorings and pls suggest whether the universities I selected is to my reach or not.. And if possible pls suggest some univs for my profile

10th - 88%
12th - 88%
BE EEE - 73% with no backlogs
GRE - 158 +145
TOEFL - 94 (R- 22, L-20, S- 24, W-28)

One paper presentation - Inter. Tech Fest
Wrking in HCL for 14 months.
Have strong LOR's (Four)

Pls validate and tell ur suggestions, (ambi, mode, gettable)

The foll. univs are being shortlisted..
1. Arizona state University
2. SUNY Buffalo
3. University of Illinois, Chicago
4. Rutgers state University, NewBrunswick
5. Illinois Institute Tech, Chicago
6. Washington State Univ
7. University of Texas, Dallas
8. University of Minnesota
9. University of houston
10. University of northern carolina, Charlotte