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Thread: Very urgent !! Doubts about application process..

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    Very urgent !! Doubts about application process..

    Q1 : How should we send the LOR's and SOP's to the respective universities ??? Whether in the form of hard copy (or) uploading in the univ website directly .

    Q2 : Regarding application of scholarships to many universities (for example 5) should we fill the scholarship application form individually in each university website?? Also should we mail the filled scholarship application forms to the universities ??

    Q3: If the LOR is required to be uploaded , then in that case should the student upload it or the recommender??

    Q4: Can the applicants mail the transcripts after getting it from the university (OR) is it compulsory that the university should themselves mail the transcripts in a sealed envelope.

    Q5:Are there any special requirements for changing the field of study in from EEE to CS/MIS for MS..and can i mention work experience if i have just now joined a MNC software company and will complete 1 year by the time i join the university...(i.e) fall 2013..??

    Q6: If mentioning work experience in the above case should we provide any proof??

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    Q1. If they accept it online, it is easier and better to upload everything online.
    Q3. Generally, university will mail your recommended at his/her official email address and he/she has to follow the instructions provided. You don't need to do anything except provide the email addresses.
    Q4. It is fine if you mail them, make sure they are sealed and signed properly.
    Q5. You should mention why you want to switch and how it aligns with your goals.
    Q6. Most probably you don't need proof for work experience. Provide if you are asked.

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