I want to do pursue MS in EE with VLSI as my area of specialization.
My profile is as below.

GRE - 299 ----> Q - 157, V - 142
UG - B.E. (ECE) - 76.85%
Presented my final year project in VLSI(VHDL) one paper in National Level Technical Symposium held by Alagappar Chettiar Engineering College, Karaikudi.
2 1/2 yrs of work experience in software industry which is not relevant to my area of specialization.

I have applied to following two universities
University of Texas of Dallas - Computer Science (for safer side as related to my work experience) and
University of Buffalo, SUNY - Electrical Engineering.

Can any one short list some universities from listed below for EE in VLSI.
Stony Brook University,SUNY
Iowa State University
Illinois Institute of Technology
San José State University
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Oregon State University
University of Utah
University of Cincinnati
The University of Texas at Arlington

I need to select 5 universities from the above listed.